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1. Outline

▪Period of project: 2010. 03. 01 – 10. 31 (residency period: 2010. 07. 01 – 09. 15)

▪Venue: ManAn New Town Development Zone, Seoksu Market

▪Hosted by: Supplement Space STONE&WATER, SAP2010 Organizing Committee, Anyang Public Art Project Foundation

▪Organized by: Supplement Space STONE&WATER, SAP2010 Organizing Committee,

▪ Sponsor: Arts Council Korea, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation

▪ Contents:

This year in 2010, Seoksu Art Project(SAP2010) is operating the
(1) International Residency Program (SAP-ARIA) and supporting the mobilization and exchange of Asian artists, the (2) Asia Arts Link (AAL) - Asian Artist Exchange Residency Program for the promotion of active exchange and network formation of similar organizations within Asia, and the (3) community participating program “New Old ManAn Design – ManAn Haseyo?” running in cooperation with the 2010 Anyang Public Art Project(APAP2010; for reference, please go to: organized by the Anyang Public Art Foundation.

2. Background & Purpose

▪ Since Seoksu Market where Supplement Space STONE&WATER is located was included to the ManAn new town development zone which is leading by Anyang city, a great part of district of ManAn-gu including Seoksu Market is now confronted with unreliable future of huge change and development. Therefore, feel of expectation and insecurity about ManAn new town development requires preferentially and essentially to review the concrete circumstance of life and critical reflection on urban ecology in local area rather than to consider first this problem within the bigoted and superficial opinion such as approval or disapproval.

▪ Departing from the problematic issues aroused through the redevelopment in the new town district of ManAn-gu, SAP2010 aims to rediscover and study this region in the terms of the urban ecology and revival, and put such content into practice and adaptation with the help of domestic and international artists, local citizens and organizations, students, interns and volunteers. The objective is to form a global platform on which the domestic and international artists can communicate with the local communities, and provide an opportunity to reflect and re-contemplate on the urban ecology and look into the details of life in the new town redevelopment district in ManAn-gu.

3. Introduction to the region

Anyang, a satellite city about 20km south of Seoul with a population of about 640,000, is divided into two districts of ManAn-gu, the old town in west and DongAn-gu, the new town in east. Currently, Anyang city and the provincial government designated 29 redevelopment zones and one new town development zone, and the urban redevelopment business is proceeding with these areas. In ManAn-gu, which is included to the new town development zone, the industry area lies in the north and south side and various commercial and cultural facilities are located around. The place name, ManAn-gu has originated from the name of ManAn Bridge that was constructed by Jeongjo King in 1795. Because of the ill-planned formation of urban space of ManAn-gu, the urban infrastructures are insufficient and residential conditions are underdeveloped, however, the density of population and house is high. Additionally, Seoksu-dong, where STONE&WATER is located, within ManAn-gu was the center of old Anyang city established around Samsung Mountain and Anyang River. Accordingly, scenic spots, places of historic interest and cultural assets are concentrated in this area.

4. Concept

▪ New Old Man An Design

“New Old Man An Design” is the core idea of SAP2010 which is try to explore, rediscover and research the new town area of ManAn-gu from the viewpoint of past, present and future in the context of urban ecology and revival, and to document a series of this processes, link them each other and finally, to act and apply its contents with Korean/overseas artists, local citizens, organizations, students and volunteers.

▪ ManAn - “ManAn Haseyo?”

“ManAn”, the name of place means “very peaceful, safe” and “Giche ManAn hasipnika? (How are you getting along these days?)” is the very polite expression when we ask after the safety and health of seniors. “ManAn Haseyo?” is the newly created expression from the expression above and this expression evokes several intrinsic questions like ‘What do we think about the circumstances of life?’ and ‘Are we really ManAn(peaceful and safe) in this circumstances?’ and so on. SAP2010 would like to start with these questions and provide an opportunity to review and reflect urban ecology and circumstances of life in the new town redevelopment district of ManAn-gu.

▪ Design

The concept of “Design” of title means not only visual and material approach about urban environment and space but also in terms of “social design,” includes the significations to design life and circumstance of life and design relationship and communication among people.

▪ Network

SAP 2010 set its focus on communication and interaction among Korean/overseas artists, local communities and all other participants, and active participation of local citizens and communities. So to speak, we expect to establish a forum where citizens are able to participate and act actively in the progresses of urban ecology and environmental design through art.

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